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All topics can be catered to fit your organization, training agenda & time frame.

Here's a sampling of popular presentations that I offer:

  • "Walking for good health. Strategies for getting in 10,000 steps a day"
  • "How to protect and strengthen your bones"
  • "Adopting a healthy lifestyle"
  • "Tips for Healthy Weight Management"
  • "GO-FOR-IT: How to make “goal setting" work for you"
  • "Motivating the people you care about to move more and eat better"
  • "Stress Management 101"
  • "How mind body training contributes to a more balanced life"
  • "Strengthening your core for better posture and less back pain"
  • "Self Talk: The Power of Your Internal Messages"
  • "Grocery Shopping Tour: Save Money, Eat Better"

Need something different?

Contact me for details on creating a custom presentation to fit your needs.